Crises List

In order to find the single crisis that you seek or for surfing through current and past natural disasters we provide you a list, starting with the newest crises. The list allows you to filter by different criteria, e.g. by crises type or alert level.

Crises Map

Another possibility to visualize the latest crises is the map. It shows the last few natural disasters. The icon shows you which type of natural disaster occurred in this area and the color of the circle around shows the alert level (green, orange or red). If you right-click on the map (in a radius of 100km) you can select from one of the following actions:

Add Image
You are redirected to the Multimedia tab related to the crisis near the location where you have clicked.
Report Person
You are redirected to the Missing People tab related to the crisis near the location where you have clicked.
Report Location
You are redirected to the Locations tab related to the crisis near the location where you have clicked.

Annotation As map data source OpenStreetMap is used. OpenStreetMap is a community driven map platform. During bigger natural disasters the community has re-drawn the affected areas in a really short time after the crises occurred (hours).


Single Crisis

This page allows you to get more information about a single natural disaster event. You can actively participate and/or get the following type of information:

This tab contains all crises information from official sources and lets you comment this event.
The multimedia tab allows you to upload images (in the near future also videos) that are related to this event. Feel free to document the natural disaster or the destruction afterwards.
Missing People
This tab can be used if you are searching for a person or if you have found somebody that searches for his loved once. Each missing person has a related status that classifies him/her as missing, found or death. Additional each person has a related image and other information that helps to recognize him/her.
The locations tab is used to report facilities and there status. For example you can report that the hospital near your current location is destroyed. This helps other people that need medical help to get directly to a hospital that is intact.

Don't miss a crises
Receive alerts
You receive all current crises that are in a radius of 200 kilometer around you... in real-time (as soon as we get a new crises you will be notified).
Receive real-time updates
No need to refresh your crises list every few seconds. We will notify you if something changes.
Browse crises
Get the latest crises, even if you are offline.

Manage your mobile devices via web
View last known location
Check if the last known location is correct. On the map you can see also the area from where you get crises alerts.
Refresh location
You can refresh the location of your mobile device directly from the website.
Test your device
Send a test push notification to your device. If you receive a notification all works as expected.
If you want to unregister your device you can do so comfortable from the website. Please be aware that after unregister you are not able to see this device on the website and you don't receive any updates or alerts. After restart of the app it will re-register.
More functionality coming soon...


As additional feature the Sigimera Platform provides you a REST API that could be used to develop your own applications. The current API is only a preview and provides only read access, but you can check out the following resources:

The documentation page describes the API resources.
Clients Code
This public GitHub repository contains a few examples how the Sigimera API could be used. Please feel free to fork this project and add your own example code there.
Sinatra Client
This example instance, running on heroku, allows you the fast testing of the REST API.
More resources and advanced description coming as soon as possible...


Feature Discussion

Please let as know what you think about this features or if you have an idea of a new feature that you would like to see in the future.