To help people in and around natural disasters.
Our goal is to empower people to provide and consume crises relevant information in and around natural disasters. Faster access to information improves the time for getting help and minimizes the needed resources. That increases your chances of surviving.


Our aim is to start a movement that extends the available information from official sources with on-the-ground information. Everybody should be able to contribute information and use information from other people and organizations. This could be multimedia data, such as images or videos of the scene after the natural disaster, or status of locations, e.g. if a hospital or airport is intact or over-crowded, but also a list of missing people and there current status (missing/found/death).


Sigimera provides a free-to-use platform that brings different people together. Our platform will be adapted on-the-go to improve the experience and usability. We collect natural disasters from official sources (GDACS) and allow you to contribute to this information. Currently we support the following natural disasters:

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We have just started and are keen to get your feedback in order to improve this platform. Please contact us if you like.

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